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Choose The Correct Method

1. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): This method lets you target your audience by choosing specific carrier routes. Your mailing is delivered to every resident and/or business along the chosen carrier routes. You don't need a mailing list or mail permit.

2. Targeted Direct Mail: This method allows you to be more selective and refine your targeted audience. You can select residents and/or businesses based on income levels, employees, languages are spoken, years in business, etc. Call us at (631) 420-1112 to discuss the types of demographics you can choose from.

3. Marriage Mail: Marriage Mail is also known as Shared Mail, an inexpensive option for retailers and local businesses to mail printed pieces directly to households in a shared packet.

Why Choose Printing For Charity!

We create highly effective mailing programs by taking the time to learn about your unique goals and objectives. We are an Authorized Vendor for The United States Postal Service (USPS) and help answer questions.

Flexibility: You can mail anyone your message at any time using a variety of formats. Direct mail allows you to send postcards, color brochures, free samples, co-op mailing, and folded pieces. The choice is up to you and your budget.

Targeting: We help you customize a mailing list of prospects most likely to respond to your mailing. Some demographics used are income level, age, gender, gross sales, number of employees, languages spoken, and many more. We are experts and refining mailing lists.

Convenience: Printing For Charity offers a one-stop solution for your printing and mailing needs. You can place your order with Printing For Charity instead of dealing with multiple companies for the various components of a direct mailing.

Privacy: With direct mail, not only can you reach your customers without your competition's knowledge, but you can also allow your customers to see your message without distraction.

Fast Turnaround Time: Your printed products can be delivered by mail within 2-5 business days after printing has been completed.

List Certification: We will CASS certify your list to ensure that addresses are valid. Printing For Charity also offers a new cutting-edge technology that connects directly to the USPS's system to replace any address that has recently been changed or forwarded.

List Deduplication: We remove duplicate addresses so that you only pay for what we mail.

For guidance and inquiries, contact us at (631) 420-1112.