10%-20% of each purchase is donated to the charity of your choice!

Who is Printing For Charity?

We are printers with a purpose!

We provide our customers with a "feel-good shopping experience". You buy the print and direct mail products you want and we donate 10% - 20% of the amount purchased to your favorite charitable organization.

Recent events have had a detrimental impact on the ways nonprofits operate and raise money. Many scheduled events and fundraisers have been deferred or canceled. Simply put, it's harder to raise funds. That is why w
e occasionally offer special promotions that increase the donation amount. Printing For Charity is doing our part to help.

Not too many print companies, if any, offer as many services. We stand behind our print and design services and we will make sure you are satisfied. We have the experience, understanding, and patience to make sure your print job comes out quickly and accurately.