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Mailing lists, a thing of the past or the wave of the future? Well the answer to thosequestions is surprisingly both!

In the past technology was very limited and although mailing lists were still used, the data contained in the lists was most of the time outdated, inaccurate and expensive. In today's market the internet has proven to be the fastest and most efficient means of data management, distribution and transmittal. Combining the power of the internet with our unique mailing list database will insure thatyou are receiving the most up-to-date data and managing that data can be done right on our website without any prior mailing list experience!

If you are looking to purchase a solid mailing list, then you have come to the right place.

Why should you purchase a list from us?

    • Most up-to-date data from the top data sources
    • Privacy compliant
    • All data is tailor fit for your marketing campaign (done right here on our site)
    • The lowest rates on the internet

Some examples of data filters:

    • Rent vs. Own
    • Gross individual or family income
    • Credit Scores (Beacon)
    • Particular Postal Code
    • Age Groups
    • Business Type
    • Education Level
    • Mortgage payment
    • Loan Amount
    • Debt Level

There are hundreds of companies that are in business of selling information and filtered
lists are available upon request. We will get you an accurate list that will be cleaned and checked for
free by

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*The list quote is good for 10 business days *Upon purchase, you own the list. Wewill send you the list in the format
in which we received it. *We will not sell or reuse your list. *Information was provided by the U.S. Postal Service. All Rights Reserved.